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Expanding foam sealant can be a solution. It’s a great option to close any air leaks. This is a good option to block any air leaks near your windows and doors. Additionally, ensure that your siding does not touch your foundation.
In order to install electrical outlet gaskets, hire an electrician

While it might not be likely, air temperatures can traverse the space around electrical outlets. Considering that even the modest-sized residence has many electrical outlets, there is likely to be a lot of loss of heat that is happening via the outlets. One of the easiest and most cost-effective methods for combating drafty outlets is installing form-rubber outlet gaskets. It is an easy process that involves removing the cover plate and then puts the gasket in the outlet, and replaces the cover. This home winterization service will ensure that cold air doesn’t enter your house and keep your home comfortable.

Storm window installation

Are your windows well-insulated? If they don’t, then it’s a good idea to look into storm windows. Single pane windows are extremely unefficient, and are commonplace in older houses. The windows create drafty, uncomfortable and chilling feeling inside your home. It is likely that it also means that your heating system is working overtime. Storm windows are a more effective alternative to seal windows. They are attached to the exterior windows. The goal is to add another layer of security against freezing temperatures. If it gets warmer, you can simply remove the storm devices and then store them away for next winter. You might want to consider custom-made shutters for your exterior.

Weather stripping for Replacement

Weather stripping may become brittle worn out, damaged, or lost over time. That makes it useless. As winter gets closer it is recommended to inspect your doors, and examine the state of your weather stripping. During the inspection, close the door and check whether there are air leaks gaps that you should be worried about.


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