How Racial Bias Affects Children – Quotes About Education

This Yale Child Study Center tudy illustrates the effects of racism within preschool classrooms.

The study were able to have around 135 preschool teachers look at videos with four kids engaging in games: a black child and a girl who is black, an white boy and white girls. Researchers asked teachers to hit”enter “enter” button on their keyboard as soon they saw any kind of problematic behavior within each video.

There was no actual challenge behavior shown in the videos. The research utilized the technology of eye scanners to identify who received the highest attention. The teachers observed more of the children who were black, regardless of his race.

This study’s findings show that young black boys have to live up to inequitable standard. While they’re generally on their highest level, they’re likely to expect problems out of them. These kids are much more likely than their white counterparts to find themselves in the spotlight for minor issues. This unconscious racial bias is something educators must confront in order to ensure the most respectful and fair learning setting.


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